Barely scraping by on her temp job’s salary, actress Meg Miller is an expert on the gig economy in LA, a fact that doesn’t do her much good when her entire six-figure student loan bill becomes due all at once.


Enter the ultimate gig, Happy Kids, where Meg can become the ice princess (don’t say Elsa) or red monster (definitely not Elmo) of some kid’s dreams and reap a hefty paycheck in the process.

But hustling for the highest Yelp ratings in the elite kid party circuit comes with its own set of problems that aren’t helped by the relentless debt collector threats, the terrorizing death-rattles coming from her
“just repaired” jalopy, and the onslaught of Insta-curated FOMO triggers streaming filtered perfection 24/7.

Soon, Meg’s juggling children’s parties, auditions, and court dates while “borrowing” money from her ambitious drag queen roommate’s future fund.


And that’s her on a good day.

Can Meg work her way out of the unforgiving low-grade depression of inevitable financial failure and also survive the too tight costumes, wasted party parents, and her boss - a controlling professional clown - breathing down her neck? Can she make good on her promise to do “whatever it takes” to jumpstart her career and make that overpriced degree pay off? Can she stay her (mostly) honest, trustworthy and reliable self in the process?

Welcome to the debt crisis in America.