Is Jen going to act in this film?


As a writer, Jen's intention has always been to create a lead character in Meg that she would love to play. 

Jen will appear in the film in a supporting role, but her main focus is writing and producing this project. 

Now's not a great time for me to make a financial contribution.

Are there another ways I can support HAPPY KIDS?


Yes! We are always looking for help in a number of areas. Let's talk! Email us here to find out more. 

Will there be a crowdfunding campaign like Kickstarter or is the Inner Circle Campaign it?


The Inner Circle campaign is the first in a series of fundraising efforts including events and, yes, a crowdfunding campaign that will be open to the general public later this year. The Inner Circle is our way of opening the doors to generate startup funds and gather support from those who know us.


Why is right now the BEST time to make a female written, female directed  female produced comedy feature film with a gay female protagonist?



Women make up at least 50% of the viewing audience in America, yet female directors are still grossly under-represented in film and television. 

Even the ACLU has their eye on this problem. In May 2015, they issued a letter addressing the exclusion of female directors from episodic television and feature films.

A 2015 University of Southern California 
study found that of the top-grossing 100 films from 2013 and 2014, just 1.9% were directed by women.


Of the top grossing 20 comedies over the past 10 years, women have directed only 9 of them. [Source: Indiewire.com

– Some Depressing Stats About Female Comedy Directors; Box Office Mojo.]

In 2014, only 12% of all clearly identifiable protagonists in feature films were female. [Source: 
Indiewire.com - It's a Man's (Celluloid) World]

In GLAAD’s 2015 study of studio films of 102 releases from 7 major studios, only 17 included characters that identified as lesbian, gay, or bisexual—adding that a majority of these characters were minor roles or cameos, and that many representations were “outright defamatory.”

When LGBT characters appear in studio feature films, only 7 of the 17 films managed to pass the “Vito Russo Test,” an LGBT version of the feminist Bechdel Test, which requires a film to include a character that fulfills certain criteria, including not being defined by their sexuality.
Of these 17 films, just 23.5 % included lesbian characters (Male LGBT characters outnumbered female characters 64% to 36%).


So, we can wait for the landscape to change or...change it. One movie at a time.


Why is the first 10k so crucial?

Our overall budget is 100k, this first 10k will go toward:

 - Key pre-production costs - namely the fees to hire key personnel to generate an in-depth budget for the project.

-  Administrative set-up costs such as company formation and legal fees as we expand our team.

 - Marketing\fundraising expenses necessary to carry out our strategy of raising the remaining 90k through events,       crowdfunding efforts, grants and investor partnerships in the coming months.